What is this thing?

This things is the new writing site for Traverse Davies. I will be using it for my own writing basically. Some of it will be short works, novel excerpts, that kind of thing. Also it will probably end up containing general blog type stuff about writing, when I do it in longer form, instead of my insane rantings on Reddit.

I had an idea years ago for a literary science fiction magazine (online only) called “The Consensual Dreamtime”. It got a tiny bit of traction, very tiny. I did have a few other writers submit stuff, and I published it (I wasn’t paying anything, I think I was like 25 when I did this). Anyway, the idea was taken from the aboriginal concept of the dreamtime, and the parallels with the Internet (and even more with the ideas of virtual reality that are often seem as the future of the Internet in bad science fiction). It was pretentious as all hell, but that makes sense since I am often a bit pretentious. Anyway, I got bored with  the project and stopped working on it, to the eternal disappointment of my fan. Actually, I think she got over it pretty quick.

Anyway, this is another kick at the can… I am likely to release some of my stuff in serial format, other stuff in full, other stuff in excerpts. Who knows really? My son is trying to convince me to release my first novel in serial format, with a patreon link to get support for it. I’m thinking about it, but right now I want the writing to suck less…

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