An intro to a story

It started with a woman, because of course it did. She was beautiful, because of course she was. I was just finishing my day, nursing a wicked hangover, when she walked in. Long legs, long blonde hair, short skirt, a wet dream from some turn of the last century porno flick. She even smelled good. Not often you get a dame like that in a building like the one I work out of. “You Nic?”

“You know it sweetheart. What can I do for you?”

Usually the dames get pissed when I call them sweetheart these days, not this one. She just took it in stride, like it was her name or something.

“I need to find someone.”

“Well, that’s what I do. Nobody better. Missing boyfriend?”

“Sister actually.”

“Why not go to the boys in blue?”

“Janie has a history of running away, and when she runs she runs far, the cops aren’t taking it seriously.”

“Alright sweetheart. So, I’m finding Janie. What’s your name, so I know who I’m working for?”


“Day rate is two thousand, plus expenses.”

“Sure, I knew that, I checked you out before I came down here. It’s no problem.”

So now she had my full attention. When they don’t even haggle over the day rate I like them extra, not that this girl would have been lacking my attention anyway.

“Tell me everything, don’t leave out any details. Doesn’t matter how small, might be the thing that leads to the thing that lets me find her.”

“She disappeared two days ago, no word. Now, Janie takes off a lot. Her and dad don’t get along very well these days, thing is, she always tells me. She also didn’t take enough stuff. Janie isn’t very good at getting along without things.”

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