Short story concept

I’m in the middle of a creative writing course at the moment, and the latest assignment is to plan a thousand word story. At one point I decided to post my work from that course here, so this is a continuation of that practice.

Of course this doc is purely planning – the story will come later. Probably by the end of the course, which is in two weeks.

A thousand words is going to be a bitch – I typically write that every day, usually as part of much, much larger pieces.

The death of crime

This story focuses on a petty thief who gets caught due to new surveillance technology, smart clouds with AI backing. The main character, Tim, is a street punk with no real future. He’s probably already at the end of his ability to skate by unnoticed, since he’s getting older, and shabbier. He’s good at what he does – but no match for the new security system. Other characters are the clerk who tries to get him to stop, and the police office who apprehends him. They don’t have names yet.

Basically the story will consist of him trying to steal a small object, the clerk being alerted, and Tim making a break for it. The police officer will have constantly updated data about exactly where Tim is, and will apprehend him with ease.

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