Moments of brilliance

I looked at some old writing I had done several years ago, snippets from a couple of different stories, and I was genuinely impressed. It was stuff I didn’t even really remember, from a time when I didn’t really think I was going to be a writer, just stories I had in my brain that I had to get out into the world. Some of it was actually really good. Not all of it, granted, and all of it was shorter pieces, which are to me easier to make good. They are often my best bit of a longer piece that might not have come together.

The thing is, I have these moments of being what I consider a very good writer. Doesn’t mean I am a very good writer, but in those moments I produce something I consider better than just good. It’s impossible to sustain of course, so those pieces make up the great moments in longer pieces.

The more I write though, the more of those moments exist. They are a part of what sustains my desire to keep typing, to keep producing even when I get discouraged (I do get discouraged sometimes).

More of them will be making it to this site in the very near future.

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