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I have set certain rules for myself. I can’t start a new novel until I finish the first draft of my current one for example. That’s an important rule for me, because I always have a next great idea, a next story I want to create. However, I am allowed to take a break from a novel for revision on an older one (now that I’m cutting down my revision that shouldn’t be a big show stopper) and I am also allowed to take a break for a short story. I’m in the middle of that right now, although I seem to be inceptioning it. I’m taking a break from a new novel to revise my first novel, and I’m taking a break from revising my first novel to write a short story (and I’m taking a break from my short story to write a blog post, but that’s just because I’m trying to do a blog post a day, with the occasional exception of Sunday).

I started the short story today, and I’m at 3,032 words right now. It’s probably halfway done, and it’s just sticking in my brain. It’s also out of genre for me. I typically focus on horror and science fiction, although I do have a mystery novel on the backburner. This story however is straight literary fiction. Possibly the saddest thing I have ever written as well.

One other thing, I have changed the way I’m going to be doing releasing, just due to some limitations from Amazon. I don’t want to charge more than 99 cents (US) for a short story, because I don’t think that’s fair. However in order to charge 99 cents I need to be exclusive to Amazon. Once I have enough short stories to sell a collection I will actually drop the single story versions from Amazon and put them up on here, but until then they will live there… a short term compromise. In that spirit, the link to Rachel, a short story about the future of sex and love. I had it formatted and ready to go and in draft status on here. Once I have the collection together it will be available for free on this site, in HTML format. The e-book will still live on Amazon, but for a bit more money.

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