Create space problems

In addition to writing I’m also publishing a book for my mother (the amazon link). The e-book version had a small learning curve, it’s basically a textbook, so formatting is pretty important. Initially I didn’t know exactly how to convert the book to make the formatting stick, but I got that worked out. Now I have to get it working on CreateSpace, so that we have a print edition. I’ve been involved with design for years (not a designer, but I used to run a branding agency, I’m used to dealing with print ready files).

Well, CreateSpace doesn’t follow the industry standards, although given their size I guess you could argue that at this point it’s more that the rest of the world doesn’t follow industry standards. The first issue was they were insisting that there was content too close to the margins. It made no sense to me, but it turned out that the problem was that they don’t allow crop marks, and the crop marks were too close to the margin (which makes sense, the crop marks determine where the document should be trimmed). So, got the designer to take off the crop marks and set the margins as CreateSpace support said to. Now they are rejecting it due to the size of the inside margin. I’ll hit the mark, but it’s a pain in the butt.

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