A sale

I sold a copy of my short story Nine. It’s up on Amazon for $0.99 USD. It’s a huge departure for me, and has been in my brain for many, many years, but I didn’t have the skills I needed to write it. If you just want to read it and don’t want to pay for it, it will be available on this blog Sunday the 27th of March for free.

So, that’s my first direct sale of a story. Pretty cool. I have officially made money off of writing fiction for the first time ever. We will ignore that the amount of money is $0.35 of course, and just celebrate the fact that I have a sale!

Of course the long term goal is to have story collections for sale, along with novels (my first novel is in what I think is going to be final draft). A lot of each, on the basis that if each one sells a little bit in the end I will sell a lot.

That’s how I plan to make money in the long term. In the short term, it’s all about the day job… a job I happen to love.

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