Good Friday

This is an introduction to my zombie series, tentatively titled The Reclaimers: World of the Dead. The reclaimers started out as a setting for some short stories. The overall idea was to create a post-zombie world where civilization was slowly starting to come back from the ashes. It’s set twenty years after the zombie apocalypse, and it’s pretty dark in tone, generally for more adult readers. My first novel is actually set in that world, but twenty years earlier, when the zombies first rise.

The rules for my zombies are pretty simple: On the first night 70% of the living population turned into zombies. Over the next few hours an additional 20% died (2/3rds of the survivors), leaving 10% of humanity. The recently dead also came back. Nobody came out of a grave, zombies are slow and weak.

Anybody who dies comes back, but there is some variation. If you die peacefully, with no major trauma, when you come back you are basically yourself, a bit confused, a bit out of it, but you know who you are, you have your memories. You are hungry, and you can’t satiate that hunger, but you probably don’t leap right into eating people. Over the next couple of days you lose your faculties, becoming the common zombie, existing only to eat the flesh of the living. If you die with any kind of trauma, violence, etc. you come back already fully turned. Things like a heart attack are trauma.

I will be posting more details of the world over the next while. It’s pretty detailed.

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