Where do ideas come from?

I was reading a post on Reddit about what bugs writers when they are reading, and it inspired a complete world, and a few story ideas. The problem, as it often is for me, is that I have two novels on the go right now, and I really want them finished before I start anything new – and this idea is huge, not just a less than five thousand word story that I can bang out in a day or so. So it has to go on the back burner, but the story notes will get put in my giant ideas doc. I maintain a dozen or so story concepts that I haven’t even begun at all times, plus about a dozen in some sort of state of completion. In other words, having ideas is never an issue for me. I almost wish it was sometimes, the ideas I do have keep trying to crowd the others out, take over my mental space, be the dominant story in my brain.

This one is inspired by the idea of looking at what changes a high fantasy world would realistically make. What does a world where magic is even a little bit common look like? If one person in a thousand can perform magic what does that do to a battlefield? So, that idea, complete with a set of stories will happen at some point in the future…

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