Marketing shiznit.

So, please forgive the bad white boy ebonics in the title.

As I get deeper into this whole writing thing I am starting to think more about how to sell my writing. So, of course, my novel will be on amazon and available via createspace in stores (by special order). I may also flog it to some local stores in my area – hopefully they don’t hate me for using Amazon for some of my sales.

The problem with that is that my book won’t really stand out, it will be one of thousands in the directory, and not one that’s in any way special. The marketing is going to be up to me. So, I’m doing some stuff that I really don’t care for. I added a mailing list to this blog for example – if you want updates when I publish stuff subscribe and I will email you. It’s managed by mail chimp, and I’m not paying for the premium account, which means I can’t send that many messages, or to that many people… if that ever becomes a problem I will be in much better shape than I am now!

I promise, cross my heart, hope to die, etc. that I won’t use your email for anything except letting you know about my writing. Also, mailchimp handles unsubscribe stuff really well, and I won’t even have the list, they run it. So, subscribe. I will really appreciate it.


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