Novel Progress

The work progresses. I’m actually adding about a thousand new words every day, while cutting almost that many. It’s a huge rewrite, but then again it is my first novel, so it was kind of crap. I’m digging what I’m coming up with a great deal, and so far everyone who has read it has given me positive feedback.

The biggest thing so far is that the character I was having the most trouble with has come together. I realized that I was afraid of giving her any stereotypical behaviour, but so long as she isn’t a stereotype, having some elements of stereotype are okay. For example: I made all of her dialog very, very white. She’s a black girl from a poor neighbourhood, why would she not talk like she is? Especially since she’s only 17. Once I got over that she came together much better than before.

Another big change: I added shitload more dialog. Now the story is very much driven by dialog, most character reveals in particular. I was going way too far into telling. It just feels a great deal more organic when a character tells another character what they are feeling. Instead of saying two characters don’t like each other I describe them giving each other nasty looks, etc.

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