More novel stuff

Not a whole lot to talk about today, so I’ll just update where my  novel is at. Part 1 is completely edited. By word count that’s half the book by the way. Parts two and three are thematically separate sections, but they take up less space. More of a reckless, breakneck pace. I might slow them down, there’s a couple of sections that I rush through – mostly because the characters are experiencing soul crushing monotony, but I might have a way to expand them without subjecting the readers to similar levels of soul crushing monotony.

I also have a couple of short pieces I want to get out sooner than later, including one that’s a contest… I don’t expect to win, but I do  want to enter, and it needs to be completed by April 15th… so it might take priority over editing one day next week.

My term is almost up, so I will be in course dev for the next few months, meaning more writing time, so expect a lot more output…

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