When I write

I’ve mentioned I write a pretty decent volume, typically more than a thousand words a day even when doing revisions. I also have a full time job, and a life. How do I do it? Academia. I teach college. Now, that doesn’t mean I have huge amounts of free time, but it does mean that I have work periods with my students. During those work periods I often write. I’m available to them, I certainly answer their questions, etc. but I don’t have an active role unless they have questions.

So, I write. One side effect of that is that I write in bits and pieces. I might have an hour out of a two hour work period of writing, but it won’t be a solid hour, it will be ten minutes here, fifteen there. I’ve gotten good at not losing my train of thought despite being pulled in many different directions. This is a new skill for me, and one that is long delayed in coming. One of the big things holding me back from writing for many years was not having the kinds of blocks of time I thought I needed. Apparently we are an adaptable species.

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