The role music plays

When I write I listen to music. It’s pretty much a requirement in fact. As I type this I’m listening to Ophelia by the Lumineers, but that’s a bit of a departure for me.

I tend to listen to a lot of trance, because it crowds out the real world, while not engaging my brain. Makes it easy to focus on only the worlds in my head. Sometimes however the music is the inspiration for the story. My short story Nine was inspired by Nine While Nine by the Sisters of Mercy. The beginning of my novel A Long Walk (still in revision) was inspired by running with my dog while listening to God is a DJ by Faithless. In other words, music helps to form the mood and tone of most things I write. Once that initial tone is set I can usually just settle down into some trance, but Nine was basically listening to Nine While Nine on repeat for hours.

Joy Division is another band that plays a huge role in my writing process. I have a book I’m writing at the moment where each chapter is named after a different Joy Division song.

If my music was taken away I think I would find writing huge challenge.

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