The Beasts Part 2 – Events That Happen in the Suburbs

Part 2 of The Beasts – Read part 1 first if you haven’t (the story doesn’t make much sense if you start here).

Rick Adolvsson  looked at the corpse on the ground. Son of a bitch had tried to go for him when he finally got the door open. He was glad the man was dead, just wished he’d suffered longer.

The place was horrifying, fluorescent lights flickered on the ceiling, not getting enough power to keep them on. There was a hole in the wall from some long forgotten construction. It looked like it was an old bunker, maybe from the fifties, but abandoned, decaying. The man, Bryce Wilkes according to the victim didn’t look like much, another middle aged schlub, nobody you would even look at twice on the street. He was wearing dirty chinos and a button up shirt that was a couple of sizes too large for him.

When the girl came into the station, naked and terrified, it almost broke Rick. She was the same age as his daughter, could have been her classmate, her body and face were covered in lacerations, bruises. When he tried to put a blanket over her shoulders she flinched, reacted like he was trying to hit her.

“It’s okay, nobody’s going to hurt you honey. I’m Rick, what’s your name?”

“P, P, Penny” she said, choking back a sob. Her face was covered in dirt, matted hair filthy with grease.

Rick had grabbed a female constable to take care of her, hoping a woman would be easier for her to deal with. The results of the kit were clear sexual assault, but he hadn’t needed the kit to tell that. Once she calmed down he tried talking to her again, this time her parents were there, hovering close. He noticed her mother’s hand on the girls shoulder, a small gesture of support.

“Honey, can you tell me what happened to you?”

“H… he grabbed me. I was running for the bus, he jumped out and grabbed me.” she started sobbing.

“It’s okay, he can’t get you now. You’re safe. I just need to know what happened so we can stop him from hurting anyone else.”

The mother said “Penny, it’s okay. Detective Adolvsson is going to find him and stop him.”

The girl got control of herself with a visible effort. “Okay, I’ll try.”

She was pretty, now that she was cleaned up. A fresh faced girl, she looked so innocent if you ignored the pain in her eyes. Rick was going to make the man who took her pay.

“Do you know who grabbed you?”

“Yes, I mean a little, I know his first name. Bryce. He lives in the blue place on the corner.”

“That’s Bryce Wilkes” the father piped in. “He’s been to our house a couple of times, a barbecue last summer. If you catch him, please make sure you kill him.” The father spoke with a completely even tone, no hint of emotion. His knuckles were white on the arm of his chair.

“I’m sorry Detective, I don’t know where I was. It was close to my house, underground. I was so scared when I got out, I ran, I don’t know how long it took me. I was lost, I found the police officer…” she was sobbing again.

“Don’t worry, you did amazing. You are so brave.”

That was all she had. The next few weeks they canvassed the area, until they found the abandoned house, the bunker partially exposed from years of weather. It took swat hours to get the door open, and when they did the psycho charged them, screaming about beasts.

Rick picked up a notebook, crumpled and filthy, from next to the dead mans hand. He started to read.

“I woke up in the emptiness again”.

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