Upping the marketing efforts

I’m well over half way through my novel, and I have another beta reader going through it, this time chapter by chapter. In fact I am uploading my novel chapter by chapter to an online writers group that I participate in… and I keep getting told to keep uploading chapters every time I feel like I’m uploading too much and I should slow down.

So, I’m trying to up my marketing efforts prior to release. I’m building covers, getting tools in place, etc. Right now I have a facebook page for my writing, a patreon page people can donate to (and some goals for the donations), and I actually started posting some of my articles from here to reddit. I’m also working on my google profile, making sure there’s a site map being generated, so google has an easy time getting my pages indexed.

Other than that, it’s all about the content. Making sure that I have enough material on here, and that I’m able to post something almost every day (sometimes I do miss one or two, but as a whole, I get all of it). I’m also working really hard on becoming a better writer. More writing, better writing, getting it in the hands of people who won’t be shy to tell me if it’s crap.

I’m sure I’m missing some stuff, but it doesn’t matter – the book isn’t available yet. If I make my patreon goal (which is pretty small) the book will be released on here, chapter by chapter.

So, a lot of work involved in a launch… and this is for a single book. I plan to write a lot of them. I mean a lot. While school is in session I am able to produce about a thousand original words a day, not counting blog posts (which sometimes go well over a thousand words). Right now I’m in the final days of this term. After this I will have more free time, including a period of time where I am  going to be away from home, staying out of town in a hotel (four or five weeks over the next few months). During that time I will have very limited activity choices, and if it comes to watching TV by myself or writing I will mostly choose writing… my output will go up a fair bit. My insomnia might go a bit crazy too, which means even more writing. Point is, I expect to have to do launch activity pretty frequently.

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