Skipped the weekend

I didn’t update over the weekend. Bad writer, no cookie.

I also did no revision at all. I spent the weekend with my SO, and that was my focus – at least until the sinus infection hit. Since then the sinus infection has been my focus. Also, I may have too much cold medication in my system to be able to make any kind of coherent sense. Either way, I’m back to revisions… hopefully those revisions don’t involve rainbow flavoured hallucinations.

My goal for today is to finish part 2 of my novel. That might seem lofty, but I really only have one chapter left to edit, and it’s a medium length one. 13 chapters left after this one, but I will probably be consolidating a few of them. They are very, very short chapters for the most part.

After those revisions I will go back and fix typos, etc. I have a line edit list a mile long, but it’s all pretty easy to manage. The whole process of doing the line edits should take a couple of hours probably. It’s just go to paragraph, find marked sentence, correct the typo, move on to the next. Fun times.

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