Upgrading the dialog

As I do revisions I keep finding places where I talk about the conversation between characters, instead of including it. As I upgrade it to actual dialog the word count balloons. I think it’s well worth it though. Having a character describe in her own words how she found the owner of a restaurant, long since dead, and eventually made it her place is so much more satisfying than what I just wrote (which is exactly what I had been doing).

It’s a fun process, but your really need to get into the characters heads. It also takes a long bloody time. When I’m not doing dialog upgrades 45 minutes of revision probably lets me polish of a 2500 word chapter, when I am it’s less than half that. The flip side is that when people read the chapters I’ve done the process on I tend to get a lot more positive feedback. I guess it just helps people to connect with the characters, to feel like the story is alive, and not a static bunch of words on a page. The extreme is well worth it for that result.

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