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My biggest single day for traffic on this site was when I posted a link to Reddit asking for feedback. I didn’t get any feedback at all, but I got more traffic that day than I have on my next three best days combined (and they are each something like five times as much as on a standard day). So, Reddit makes the traffic go boom. It’s not a whole lot of traffic, because I’m posting to smaller subs, and I haven’t had a post take off. I think the post that got me all that traffic ended up with around 18 upvotes. Nothing in Reddit terms. If I ever had a post that hit the frontpage of Reddit this server might just give up the ghost…

My next best avenue is facebook. When I post something to my authors page I get some traffic, and when I post something to the writing groups I take part in a get some as well, a bit less, but some.

What I haven’t received so far is much from google. I wasn’t expecting to, not yet. It might take a year of updates before I have any real traction with google, or even longer. Right now my site is a young site, and doesn’t have all that much content (well under a hundred posts, most are less than a thousand words). It takes time for organic search to bear fruit, and I don’t want to do any paid search on google until A Long Walk is up and available for sale.

Nothing surprising or revolutionary about these results, in fact everything is going exactly as expected, but still, it’s kind of something I need to look at. I will also be updating this blog with any new marketing efforts I put forth. You get to see me fuck up my marketing in more or less real time!

One important note: I am not doing much at all in the way of SEO, and that is intentional. I’m just writing content, and hopefully decent quality content. My theory is that enough decent quality content will in the long run be more useful than any amount of SEO tricks.

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