Even more coverage, and a note on traffic

Yesterday was my best day for traffic to this site – and not by a small margin. I asked for feedback on a cover that was terrible – redesigned it and asked for more feedback. The /r/writing community ripped my crappy cover to shreds, and were slightly nicer about my slightly less crappy second version. I took away a lot of lessons from this. The first one was that the people on /r/writing are an amazing resource. The second was that even a small subreddit creates amazing amounts of traffic. My post wasn’t all that popular, not ranking very high, and with only a few upvotes. I feel like a post that made it to the actual frontpage of reddit would be insane.

Now, on to the meat of the post. I have a few cover options – I kept working the cover, and re-working it. So, now I would like some help deciding which one to go with. Neither of the first two are in the running… I have one more concept I want to try out, but don’t have canned photos for that one. Needs at least one new image. If I can get it shot I will upload it as well.

A Long Walk Cover 3 small A Long Walk Cover 4 smallA Long Walk Cover 5 small

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