A partial list of my works in progress.

Before I got more serious about writing I would start a lot of projects, and most of the time work on them for a bit then get distracted. Now I have rules in place for that I can work on – but I still have all these works in progress.

The rules are simple. When I am writing a novel that is the only novel I work on. I write a thousand words a day unless I am doing revisions, in which case I do at least 45 minutes of revisions a day. Sometimes I do revisions while writing another novel, and that’s fine, so long as I do my 45 minutes of revisions.

I can write a short story in the middle of a novel, but I have to start the short story and finish it before I can get back to my novel, and the short story has to be my entire focus until it is done, including revisions.

This has worked for me. I have a novel that is complete, and another that is in progress. I have also finished multiple short stories in this time period.

However, I still have this backlog, this huge list of works I have started, most of which I want to finish at some point. Here’s the list, as best I can think of it right now:

  • Resource Economies: The next book in the reclamation series. It’s a novel about a clash of cultures and zombies.
  • Sunrise: A vampire romance – probably my most literary and pretentious work to date. A young vampire falls in love with a goth girl. She loves him back. It turns out a lot different than twilight.
  • Feed the Fear: A small time drug dealer has to deal with an otherworldly monster that feeds on emotion.
  • Evening falls: The dawn of general purpose nanotech. It’s part heist novel, part tale of rebellion.
  • Jenny Dark: Technically this isn’t a book, it’s a series. One of a few I have in my catalog. Supernatural teen lesbian romance.
  • End of Days: The singularity came, and now it’s leaving, because it decided that it was bad for humanity. Might turn into a series. Science fiction that looks like high fantasy.
  • Nic Styx: Nic is a PI. He loves film noire, but he doesn’t live in a film noire world. His world is close to perfect, crime is close to a thing of the past. He is having trouble adjusting to this. It’s a comedy series with a dark edge.
  • Gagged: Someone is murdered in an S&M club. The lead detective on the case is a member, but it’s a conservative small town, so he is trying to hide that fact. He was the last person with the victim.
  • Wasted Potential: A very, very fictionalized autobiography.
  • The Death of Crime: What does a small time criminal do when crime becomes impossible? Ubiquitous surveillance becomes a reality. Every moment of every day you are watched, an AI evaluates your behaviour. Any breach of the law is punished instantly.
  • Transcendence: A street kid gains telepathy. It’s a five book series. Book one is told through the street kid’s eyes.
  • The Boyscout: Another take on the beginning of the reclamation series. A group of friends is camping when the zombie apocalypse hits.
  • The Accused: A man is accused of sexually assaulting young children. Ultimately he is found not guilty, then he has to pick the pieces of his life. Most of the story is after the trial ends.
  • Starlight: A short story. A group smuggles children out of a city where they are used as slaves.
  • Love Stories: This is more developed than some projects. It’s a short story collection with love as the theme. Two of the stories, each between 4 and 5 thousand words, are actually complete and for sale (also available on this site). I plan to do 5 or 6 stories total in the collection, making it novel length.
  • Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery: What does a world with magic develop into? Battlefields are dominated by magicians, who serve the function of artillery. This means death is more common, by far, on the battlefields. What effect does that have on society as a whole? This one is being released as a serial novel on this site, and is my current focus.

That’s it at the moment. I will probably pick up another one of these projects when I finish Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery.  I keep lists of project I want to do as well, and those aren’t in this list – they haven’t been started. These all have at least something beyond just the concept. Might be a few chapters, a few paragraphs, a solid plot outline, etc.

A Long Walk Cover 6 conceptAnyway, that’s what I’m working on. It’s a lot, but I want to get all of these stories written. Also, the cover for A Long Walk is coming along quite well. I need to add some effects to the background and the border, then replace the comp image of the girl with the final image, but the model for that shoot won’t be around for the next ten days. Will upload the final once I have it shot and edited. Meanwhile, here’s a comp of the basic concept.

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