Writing while editing

At the moment I’m writing my serial novel and editing A Long Walk. It’s a lot of mental work, and I have to do it in blocks. A Long Walk gets 45 minutes to an hour, then Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery gets around a thousand words. This blog gets a chunk, then I interact with folks on facebook, twitter, google +, etc.

The marketing, aside from this blog, only gets 20 minutes or so however. At least for now. That will probably pick up in the near future, but no point until A Long Walk is finalized and there is more of Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery for people to read. In the meantime, I spend a few minutes, mostly to make sure I’m still on people’s minds.

The blog – to be honest I cheat. I have these works in progress, and I often publish a piece from one of those as my weekend fiction selection. Unfortunately I’m starting to run low on intro chapters – I guess I’m going to have to expand my range, maybe include some chapters from further along in stories.

Also, I have some short stuff I want to do. That will get put into the post rotation as well. A couple more ideas for my short story collection.

Remember to check this space on Fridays for new chapters from Spellcraft and Heavy artillery. Oh, and sign up for the mailing list – it’s at the top of the page. I have literally never sent anything to the list, but I will be sending out announcements from time to time. You won’t get anything other than announcements about my writing, and I will never give your info to anyone else… it’s a very, very low volume list.

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