Dealing with life getting in the way

This topic is near and dear to my heart, because it’s a near constant. Life gets in the way of writing. It happens all the time. Relationships develop problems, work demands get heavy, sometimes I even want to go dancing. In short, things get in the way of writing. I don’t write for a living at the moment, I do other things (specifically I teach databases at NSCC). That means a lot of time I can’t write.

Now, there are a few days I deal with this problem. First, I try to be flexible in when I write. I can’t guarantee I will write at a specific time every day, so instead I focus on making sure I meet a specific word count. That’s a thousand words a day. It’s not quite as many as I would like, I would like to be doing at least double that, and realistically much more, however it takes me under an hour to do a thousand words, so it’s usually something I can find time to do. That brings me to the next, and possibly most important, part of that rule. If I miss a day I don’t beat myself up about it. I don’t decide that it’s all over, that I can’t write anymore. In fact I don’t let that baggage hold over until the next day, I just keep writing, as if I’d done a thousand words the day before.

This has allowed me to average a thousand words steadily since December. Over November I was higher, since I was doing NanoWriMo.

Now, I have taken time away from producing new content to edit existing content. I’m still new enough that I need to do revisions, but I’m getting better at it. The long term goal is that I do a clean first draft, and only line edits after that. It’s a long way away, if I ever make it there.

Of course there’s always writers block. No, I’m kidding. There isn’t. Writers block is an excuse, not a thing. If you can’t work on your current story, write something else. Write until you feel unblocked, even if that writing is just freeform.

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One thought on “Dealing with life getting in the way

  1. Ingrid Heard says:

    You show a lot of dedication and a very mature outlook! I find attitude to be of fundamental importance. I enjoy your writing very much and look foreword eagerly to more.

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