One of the things I have been doing lately is publishing. Not just my own work, other peoples as well. Okay, that’s a bit misleading. Just my Mothers book so far. It’s a textbook on writing for the web. We published it on Amazon as an e-book first, and that went fine (once I got the textbook creation tools figured out), but then we started working on getting the print version out.

So, that meant Createspace. I’ve worked around the design industry for years, was romantically involved with a Graphic Designer for almost a decade, was IT support for a few different design agencies, ran a design agency, and taught at a design school (backend web stuff, I’m not a designer). One thing that came out of that was I got really good at understanding print standards. Support enough designers and you figure out how to prepare files for printing. There are rules. For example: crop marks. Crop marks indicate where a document should be trimmed. It’s a standard, and it’s one everybody follows. Not Createspace. They consider crop marks to be content, so you can’t use them.

They also decide what is and is not content in your book. If you have numbers set up so that they bleed off the page, as a stylistic choice, nope. Not allowed. That’s live content, and it doesn’t matter how many times you tell them that those numbers are a background element, and should be cropped, you just can’t convince them… so you have to do something else.

After fighting with them about this stuff over and over again, we finally made all the changes they required, and then we got them to send a proof copy. It was expensive, not the copy itself, that was cheap. The shipping. All told it cost about 38 bucks for one copy of the book.

Now my Mom and I have to go over it, and hope there are no issues. If there are, we have to modify it and go through the whole process again.

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