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This blog is predominantly a marketing vehicle. I don’t treat it like that, but in the end that is what it is for. It’s a way for me to connect to an audience, who will hopefully decide to support me as an author in some way (I have Patreon, Paypal, or just buying things I write – also if you turn off your adblocker I have some fairly unobtrusive ads in the sidebar and at the bottom of the page).

Like I said, I don’t treat it as a marketing vehicle. Until recently I was pretty  haphazard about what I posted on what day. I’m now trying to get better about that, have a schedule of sorts. Still working out some of the details, but some stuff is already set in stone. Right off the bat I have Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery. That gets a new chapter every Friday, and will for a long time to come. I plan for it to be between 90 thousand and 120 thousand words right now it’s at 5,355, around half of which have been published so far. So, a lot of story left there. That’s Friday.

Saturday is whatever the hell I feel like. Might be fiction, might be random thoughts, might be about any topic under the sun.

Sunday is miscellaneous fiction. A short story, a snippet from a longer piece, something I have written.

Monday I’m trying to make about the publishing industry, and the challenges of self publishing.

Tuesday is about writing.

Wednesday is about publishing, but more nitty gritty details. Things like cover prep, file prep, printing issues, etc. It’s the crunchiest day.

Thursday is all about marketing. How I’m trying to get my stuff out there. Of course since this is a Thursday post this becomes a very meta thing.

Of course this isn’t set in stone. If there’s a writing contest and I need to post it here on my blog I will bump a post for that (except Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery, that’s Friday always). I can also do more than one post in a day, if I cover that days topic. Oh yeah, I’ve moved posting time to 8:30 AM. It seems to work better than midnight for getting people to actually see it.

So, that’s my posting structure – at least at the moment. Not saying I won’t ever change it, if anyone has thoughts, I always appreciate hearing from people.

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