Accessing Old Work

I have a lot of work that’s hard to access right now.

There was a piece of software called Papel. It was an interesting workflow, using snippets that you could remix however you wanted, character definitions that could be dropped into pieces of narrative that could be dragged into different points in the story. A single chapter could be made up of many different snippets, and then you could drag the chapters around, drag snippets from one chapter to another. It was strange and chaotic, but it matched the way was writing at the time, so I used it.

It stopped being supported a number of years ago.

Everything I had written for a while before that was in Papel format. I used to have a lot of trouble finishing work, so it’s pieces of a lot of different stories.

I still have those files, sitting on a hard drive. Papel was a windows only product, and I’m mostly using Linux these days. Hell, the old Papel install doesn’t seem to work on my Windows 10 laptop, or my Windows 7 laptop. If it did I would pull those files, put them into a new format (Papel did have a couple of export options).

So, do I have options? Well, yes. Papel saved the content of the snippets in plain text. They are disorganized, a little piece of a story here, a little piece there. However, I do have all of them, so I can actually get most of the work. I just found the files in the last few days, after mourning the loss of all that writing. Now I’m parsing through it, trying to figure out what was good and what was crap (a lot of it is crap, but even some of the crap has a hard little nugget of goodness contained within it).

So, a lot of my Sunday posts will come out of that archive.

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