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I’m running an experiment right now (by the time you read this I should know the results, but as I write it I don’t). I’m attempting a boost on one of my posts. It’s a link to chapter two of Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery. Text only. I set my spending limit to five bucks, so it’s pretty low. I also set it to run for three days (because it might take a bit for it to get approval on Facebook).

I know my numbers right now, the baseline I’m at for the content I’m targeting. I’m checking to see what kind of response I get – how many hits does that chapter get, what does that cost me, do I see an ROI.

ROI is interesting. I’ve monetized this blog a bunch of different ways, so any of those count as ROI (a singly Patreon subscriber is worth more than I paid for the facebook post), but if I get subscribers to my mailing list, if I get people following me on faceook, etc. Those have value too, especially when I release work for sale on Amazon.

I should have the results of my experiment published next Thursday, and I might try a few other variations of the ad, maybe one with an image for example. It’s a bit of a challenge right now, because Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery doesn’t have cover art (yet, I’m thinking about it), so image posts are not really an option. If I do get some artwork I will try other campaigns, and see how they shake out. I will publish any comparative results as soon as I have them. Right now I’m going to focus on Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery chapter two, because that’s the first one I did… and I’m attempting to control variables.

Trial and error, with real money, is a scary process.

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