I want to release

A Long Walk is well and truly baked. It’s done like dinner. I have all the editing done, the cover designed, the description written. Mind you, the description sucks and the cover needs a main photo. That’s all I’m waiting on. As soon as I have those two pieces done I’m ready to go, ready to publish.

I want to stop working on that book. My mind is done with it, at least for now. That story is complete, I don’t want those ideas hanging on in my brain. I will be working on other things, and then my brain will suddenly turn back to getting that story out there. Now, I know I have to promote it once I do publish – I’m expecting that, but I want to be doing that, not thinking about it. I have a decent set of strategies in place for at least starting out.

I have to shoot the cover photo. That’s the thing keeping me stuck in this holding pattern. I have no way around it, I have to wait for someone else to be available. I hate having to wait for other people… even though in this case the model is working for free, and is doing me a huge favour. If I was a reasonable person I would just let it go and be grateful that she was willing to do this at all.

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