Gagged – an intro

I have an idea for a murder mystery. Very outside of my normal genre’s, but I really like the idea. A word of warning, even in the tiny bit of an intro I’m posting (173 words) there is some explicit sexual content. The whole book is going to have a great deal more of that. None of my writing is exactly family friendly, but I feel like Gagged will push that a lot further.

The veil started to pull over his eyes as he heard the smack of his cudgel against flesh, the soft moan of the woman he had bent over the bench in front of him, dress up around her back, black lace thong bisecting her smooth ass. He swung again, lost in the sounds. It was a good night.


Detective Jonas Duvalier woke up to his cell phone ringing. He grabbed it, groggy. “Duvalier, go”.

“Get your ass out of bed. Time to go to work. We caught a murder.”


“2554 Shady Lane. You need to be there before the press gets wind of this. Uniforms are on scene.”

“Right, on my way. Should take me ten minutes, five if you can have coffee waiting for me when I get there.”

“You got it detective. I’ll make sure Andy picks one up for you.”


Duvalier got up, got dressed, grabbed his gun and his shield. He knew the address well, but if anyone found out why his career was over.

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