Cover art for a short story.

Almost Like Wearing Nothing At AllI wrote a short story, it’s a silly thing. Will be published in two or three parts, depending on how I feel, over a few Sundays. The first bit will show up this Sunday. Now, when I do a short story I usually put it up for sale on Amazon as well as putting it on this site (because, hey, why not?). This one will be no exception. So, I had to make a cover. I decided, given the nature of the story, to go with something a bit cheesy. The story is a female fantasy warrior, and her quest to find armour that actually covers her body. If the cover looks like bad 80’s fantasy, that was the goal. I might go for a different look in a later version, or a font that doesn’t suck… but this is where it is right now.

Feel free to leave comments, criticisms, etc. as you wish.

Jungle background is a stock photo, from specifically, the user stoon

So, I changed my software selection – Bryce 3D was on sale for 8 bucks. I bought it. I will be replacing this image with one where I have generated the landscape myself in the near future.

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