Launching My Publishing Company

This comes out of my mother, and her writing.

She wanted to have a publisher listed on her book, so she talked me into becoming the publisher. OK, cool, I thought to myself. I guess I’m a publisher now. So, I resurrected an old business name of mine – Bright Crow, only now it’s Bright Crow Publishing (instead of Bright Crow Media).

I don’t have the website done, but when I do it will be I do have the online store created via square however. You can buy my mom’s book in pdf or dead tree edition, and you can pre-order a long walk. I’m adding other options as I go.

Some details – I don’t publish people who I haven’t contacted, at all, in any way. Odds are that for the foreseeable future if I publish your book we share DNA.

Right now the 5 keys series is expected to grow – my mom will have a bunch of books about communication.

I am going to have my short stories available as electronic copies, and my novels as I finish them as both e-books and dead tree editions. In addition I will be doing collections of short stories in dead tree editions.

Also, my cousin creates really cool adult colouring books. I will sell those as well.

Finally, of course, the merch… Once I have the final version of the cover for A Long Walk I plan to release it as a t-shirt. There will be other items as well.

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