Cover Woes

New cover
New cover

I changed the cover on my book A Long Walk recently. It was a couple of minor changes. I shopped the model a bit, and changed the back cover (I have a post about that scheduled). It didn’t change the layout of the cover at all. Now, you would think that would result in a cover trimmed the same way in print. Nope. When I uploaded it to CreateSpace they trimmed the cover so that the border I have in the design was cut off.

Okay, that was annoying, but no big deal – just reject the cover and call support. Turns out support can’t touch a cover once I reject it, so I had to re-upload the cover, and then hope they don’t change the trim again. If they do, I then have to contact support before I reject the cover. Man, at this rate I am going to be an expert on CreateSpace – I will have run into every single possible issue!

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