Pulling on Personal Pain

I’ve been having a bad week. Fighting with my SO mostly. The details matter to me, but not to this post. Instead I want to talk about how writing is helping me and how shitty things happening are helping my writing.

As I got more and more upset yesterday I started writing. It wasn’t that I was escaping from where I was, it was that I was able to take that emotion, and put it into my words. I wasn’t even writing a sad or upset scene, but I was able to tinge my prose with elements of what I was feeling, to express it. That helped ease the constriction I was feeling in my chest, the tightness in my eyes, the ache in my stomach. Also, the words were flowing like a motherfucker, appearing on the screen as fast as my fingers could fly, no thought to them. I re-read them today, and they are actually good.

So, I’m using writing to process what I’m feeling, which helps me to feel better, and in turn makes my writing better.

No wonder so many writers are tortured – pain is such a great source of creativity. I can see someone subconsciously seeking out pain and sorrow in an effort to fuel creativity. Mind you, I don’t recommend it. That way lies alcoholism, insanity, and loneliness. All of which might be good for a story, but really suck otherwise.

For me, I will use pain when it comes up, but I’m going to try to avoid it anyway.

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