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I want people to be able to buy my stories, in many different formats. I want it to be easy and convenient for them. So, how do I set that up? How do I make sure they are able to buy what I write and get it in a format that works for them?

Amazon is a no brainer. Of course I have my book listed on Amazon. Amazon is pretty much what made it possible for me to do this. They are the 10,000 pound gorilla in self-publishing.

Then there’s smashwords. They give me a whole bunch of different formats. Also, they handle the sale and they take a small percentage. Smaller even than Amazon does.

My publishing company has an e-store (by my I mean the one I run). You can buy either an e-book or a dead tree edition from there (same as Amazon, but more formats). I make the most money off of e-books from that site, and the least off of dead tree editions. I have yet to sell a dead tree edition from there.

I can also sell direct. I got one of those little card readers from Square. I plug it into my phone and I can process and order. I plan to grab a few copies to sell that way.

Finally there’s the CreateSpace e-store. This channel only sells the dead tree edition. However, that is the best royalty of any of my channels.

To date I have sold via all the channels except in person and the CreateSpace e-store. Varying amounts from each channel, and I have sold print copies – just that they sold via Amazon. My publishing company has yet to sell a dead tree edition (although I have sold my mothers book there).

I haven’t had as much of an advantage selling on Amazon as people keep telling me I will, with the other channels all pulling their weight. Also, I have sold more units than I expected. Yes, the number is still tiny, but it’s more than zero, which is where I expected to be in my first week.

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