Playing With Cover Art

This is marketing-ish, so I decided it was okay for a Thursday.

When I wrote Almost Like Wearing Nothing At All I knew I wanted the cover to have a cheesy 80’s feel. Maybe a bit less polished, a bit less well done – and I wanted it to look hand drawn.

I modeled the character in Daz Studio and the background in Bryce 7.1. It was really low effort on my parts, since it’s a short story and doesn’t really need a cover at all… but I enjoy doing that kind of art, so I did it up.

Almost Like Wearing Nothing At AllThe first version I liked a fair bit – but Bryce crashed when I tried to render the thing in high res, and for whatever stupid reason I hadn’t saved the scene, so I couldn’t do a full res version of it. KDP didn’t like the version I had, too low res.

I didn’t really spend any time on the text, because why bother.

Now, I didn’t really like the photoshop treatment I did on her, it looked too much like amateur drawing. The overall design was good, but it just wasn’t quite there – and since I couldn’t do it full res there didn’t seem to be much point in making it better. After all, It was not going to be used for anything at all.



Low res cover
Just like the 80’s

So, I did this one. It was better in terms of treatment, but again, I didn’t save the Bryce scene before rendering. That is a really bad habit of mine. I’ve gotten so used to working with cloud software, all of which saves automatically. I used to be a fanatic about saving. This experience is hopefully putting me back to that point.

Anyway, I liked the art treatment I did to it, but I wasn’t crazy about the layout overall, and I couldn’t modify it the way I might like.

Another one gone by the wayside.





cover-final-webresSo, I did this one.

I like the layout, I like the font choices, I like the background. Not crazy about the photoshop work I did to make it look drawn. It’s a lot like the first one in that regards. Mostly it’s because it kind of feels like coloured pencil, while I would prefer it to feel like more professional illustration tools.

However, and this is important, I saved the background scene in Bryce before I did my test render, let alone my high res render. I have this sucker in full res.

In fact this cover got uploaded to KDP, despite my issues with it. I mostly was sick of messing with it, and wanted to put the story out there.


The good one. Yay!Last night I had a bit of a bout of insomnia. I also know that I’m going to use the techniques I’m using here for future covers, to it was worth it to me to make them better. So, here it is – the final version, the one I’m happy with. It looks like bad fantasy art from the 80’s, exactly like it should!

Will this lead to sales? Not a bloody clue. It’s a better piece of art though.

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