Traveling for Work

In a bit over a month I’m going to Europe for a couple of weeks, and I’m very, very excited about the trip. However, this post isn’t about that trip. This post is about what I’ll be doing up until that trip.

I’m traveling, just not to anywhere nearly as exciting. Part of A Long Walk takes place in Truro, Nova Scotia. In the book it’s a pivotal moment, and it’s bad. Well, my day job is sending me to Truro for training. That’s right, I’m spending four and a half weeks in the town where everything goes wrong in my book.

I’m going to be staying on campus in Truro despite the fact that it’s only an hour drive from my home. This is mostly because I won’t have a car most of the time, and accommodation is free during the training. It’s also just easier. My meals are going to be provided, and there is an excellent gym, and a great park nearby.

Thing is, I’m going to have time. Lots and lots of time. I don’t have TV at home, but I watch a fair bit of Netflix and I may stream other things… suffice it to say if I want to watch a show I can. While I’m in Truro I will have my laptops, but that’s it. Neither laptop is great for watching TV on, and I will be on the campus wi-fi, meaning I will have my Internet going through my employers filters, so no torrents.

I expect to get a lot of writing done during that time.

The blog is one thing that has to be up to date. At the end of this little excursion to Truro, as mentioned earlier, I will be flying to Europe. During that two week period I’m damned unlikely to write anything new for the blog, and most of my writing will be old school, pen and paper stuff. I have this desire to sit at a cafe in Paris and write in a leather bound notebook. I know, I know, pretentious as all fuck… but whatever, I’m doing it anyway. So, I have to have enough content pre-written to cover that gap. Don’t worry, I will have.

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