All the Lonely Authors

So, that’s a lot of us writing – that’s always been true, but until recently the publishers made certain that less of those authors made it to print. Now, it’s as simple as deciding your book is going to print and it does.

That means more choices among readers, which means it’s easy for your baby, your brilliant piece of fiction, to get lost.

This post is not a how to avoid getting lost post, although I will be doing one of those soonish. It’s about volume – specifically writing volume. How many books do you need to sell to make money? It depends on how many books you write and how much money you make per book. If you have a single book out there, well, you probably aren’t going to make money off of it. Not jut not enough money, not any money. Nobody will notice the book you worked so hard on (is writing hard work? Again, a topic for another time).

If you have more books, it’s more likely a search will find you. One book will lead to other books. Two: you won’t sell any. I don’t know the magic number, I do know that once you have dozens, or hundreds, you don’t have to sell that many of each title to make money. Say you have a hundred books, and you sell twenty copies (average) of each one, and you make $4.16 each (what I make on my 5.99 title after Amazon takes a cut) you end up earning just under a hundred grand a year. That’s a pretty decent living. Of course you have to have a hundred books written for that. I have one at this point… so I’m shocked that I’ve made any money at all.

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