A Bit Drafty

One thing releasing serial novels does, and it’s a weird thing, is it guarantees that people will see the work before final edits. I can’t do final story edits on a piece until it’s finished. That’s mostly things like fixing continuity errors and plot holes. Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery is far, far from finished. I know the plot, from a thousand foot overview perspective, I know most of the characters – at least I think I do. I realized I need a character for a specific role last chapter, and I created him. He’s going to be a major character, and he’s sharing a role that was previously a single character.

Typos, things like that, I actually am likely to have. The world is my proof reader at this point. I can go back and fix them, but people have already seen the story, already know that I used their instead of there in chapter 3 paragraph 4 (don’t bother to check, I made that up completely, it’s an arbitrary reference).

On the one hand that’s terrifying, but it’s also freeing. This thing isn’t going to be perfect, and there isn’t a damned thing I can do about. Because of that I have to just make it as good as I can… and I’m taking that same mindset and applying it to everything I write.

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