No Patreon Money

Apparently I suck at Patreon. I have links to it all over the site, but not a single person has contributed. One person who follows me on reddit said he was going to, but then he didn’t.

I think it’s because I haven’t tied anything concrete to it. I haven’t said I need money to finish this story, it’s more “give me money so I have money and then I will write more”. That seems like a losing approach to me (and my complete and utter lack of patrons bears it out).

There’s a trick to that of course, I didn’t expect to make money from Patreon anytime soon. I’m not going to lie, it would be great. I have a bunch of things I could use the money for. Mostly things like getting covers done, research, ordering hard copies of books.

I figure once I have more titles under my belt maybe I will focus some energy there, develop some concrete goals, hell, maybe I’ll even post a video or two. Right now I’m content with Patron being another avenue that links to my writing and shows up in google searches.

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