What To Write Next

So, Almost Like Wearing Nothing At All if finished – a few minor corrections to do to it, but the whole thing is up on my site.

Now, obviously, I’m continuing Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery. I mean, it’s planned for over a hundred K words, and currently sits at under 20 k, so in other words I’m about a sixth of the way in. However, that’s Friday’s. Typically I publish fiction Friday and Sunday, with Sunday being shorter pieces. I haven’t decided what to use for my shorter piece this Sunday, I have the beginning of a bunch of things, all started before I really got serious about this writing thing, however I would like to decided which piece I’m going to expand on. Whichever one it is I will make sure it’s a shorter piece, I typically have a short piece and a novel on the go. Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery is the novel until it is done.

I have one that I like the idea of, but it’s not quite there – it’s a cyberpunk piece about refugee children seeing the stars for the first time in their lives… I might post what I have tomorrow and then write the rest of it after. Yep, that’s the one. Good, glad I decided that.

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