A Short Story Project

I have noticed something interesting: Writing group anthologies.

I participate in a number of writing related groups online, and several of them have begun creating anthologies of stories by the members. This seems like a great idea to me, if the anthology is being given away for free. If not, well, I get that there might be costs associated, and that until those costs are recouped any money from sales of the anthology should be going to those costs – but if there isn’t something in places if the anthology does hit and become huge, well, it strikes me that this isn’t a great thing.

See, to the authors this becomes a publicity vehicle – they write a short story, they get dropped into a collection with other short story authors, the short stories get published, the authors get some publicity. Now, if the collection is formally edited that costs money, and the people who put up that money should get it back (that is unless the authors go in as a collective). Same with cover design.

Now, if you are charging $1.99 a copy for your collection each copy is bringing in a small amount, just pocket change really – if it adds up, and you have say ten authors involved, then maybe you should be thinking in advance about how to share that money, giving everyone an equal share for example.

If you aren’t charging for the book that’s different of course. Editing will still need to be done, but maybe it can be more cooperative among the authors, each cross editing each others stories. Maybe if one of the people involved is decent at cover design that person could try and do a cover, with suggestions from the rest.

Anyway, just some basic thoughts, because I don’t want to see anyone getting taken advantage of, either authors or anthology creators (who often have stories in the anthology as well).

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