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I was never much for marketing, my specialty when I ran my agency was branding, and branding is badly misunderstood. Your brand is not something you can choose, at least not completely. It’s the intersection between what you try to project to the world, and the way the world perceives you. That’s why, even though authors need to have a brand, it has to be authentic.

Parts of my life have been a bit rough, I’ve seen some things that other people haven’t. That’s why I tend to write characters who are a bit rough, and a bit tough (not claiming to be tough, but I’ve met enough people who are to know what it feels like). I have a background in Martial Arts, so I write fights a certain way. I train Parkour, so I describe jumping, climbing, etc. a certain way. That’s part of my brand, but it’s also part of me, a completely authentic brand.

If I tried to present myself as a sheltered highly sensitive poet it would fail. Not that I’m not sensitive, but not that kind of sensitive. Instead I show people my rough edges, my failures, my successes, who I am.

I don’t know if it will work for this, but when I branded clients it was as simple as figuring out who they actually were and letting the world see that.

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