It’s Wednesday right now. I’ve been sleeping in a dorm room since Sunday. Training for my day job and expected. Thing is, I’m not sleeping. It’s too bright in here, and the beds suck. I don’t know if people were just shorter when this place was built, but I’m not all that tall and I’m longer than the bed.

I’m still writing though, every day. Maybe not as much as I had originally intended, but as much as I normally do. I do have to up the output though, because from August 1st to August 15th I won’t be updating this blog at all. New posts will happen, every day – but they will be canned posts. I won’t be able to write them because I will be traveling around Europe. Okay, technically I could probably write them, but I feel like it would be a bad plan. First off my girlfriend would be pretty unhappy, and then there’s the thing where I want to enjoy the country, and I wouldn’t be able to.

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