What Genre Should I write?

One of the classic issues with traditional publishing is genre. What genre does a writer belong in? Clearly once you have picked one, that’s it. Nobody could ever write in more than one genre, that would be madness!

That’s why as William Gibson’s books get closer and closer to the technology of today, to the point where they are less futuristic than Tom Clancy at times he still gets dumped in Science Fiction. That’s why Under the Dome sits in Horror, despite being a novel about an alien manipulating life on earth, and being clearly a Science Fiction novel. Then there’s the authors who got put in the wrong genre from the start, but did well, so they are kept there. Margaret Atwood writes Science Fiction. It’s all she has written throughout her career, but she’s literary because… reasons I guess?

So, I write horror, science fiction, fantasy, a bit of literary, really I don’t stick to a single genre. I have released three short stories and one novel so far, and I do not have a single repeat genre. My novel is horror. I’m working on my next novel, and it’s fantasy. The novel I plan to do after that is a sequel to the first one.

Because I self publish I can just do that. Nothing else required. Now, I have thought about using pseudonyms for some projects. I will probably use one if I do erotica, but that’s really the only genre I will do it for. The others? Well, I guess people who like me in one genre and not another might be upset with me, but I suspect that people who like what I write will like what I write no matter what, and people who don’t like what I write probably won’t start liking it more just because I’m doing it in horror instead of SF.

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