So, it’s Saturday. That means I can write about whatever the hell I feel like (while keeping in mind that this is a writing blog – although I can’t promise every Saturday will be writing related).

This post is about music.

I know, I’ve talked about it before, about how I need to listen to music while I write, about how it sets the tone. That’s great, but this post is about one song – I found it based on a youtube recommendation, and I wasn’t paying a lot of attention. It was by some girl I had never heard of. Here it is. Monster by Meg Myers. Turns out I like almost all of her music, although this one is my favourite – at least of what I’ve heard so far.

The song has already led to a couple of story ideas – and in fact I have an intro paragraph that I did for a writing exercise that leads into this quite well. I think it’s going to end up being my contribution to my writing group compilation – although it’s a good fit for a compilation I’m working on right now for myself as well. Damn, what a dilemma. At least it won’t be an issue until The Stars Look Down is finished.

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