Amazon is Still King

So, if you are going to self publish, who should you self publish with?

I have my book on Lulu, Smashwords, and Amazon. Lulu in print, Smashwords in ebook, and Amazon in both.

Amazon is where almost all of my sales have happened.

Now, I refuse to go with KDP select, because I’m not desperate for money and I don’t like being penned in, but there is no question – if I dropped Lulu I would have to date lost 0 dollars and 0 cents. If I dropped Smashwords I would have lost out on 1 sale. If I dropped Amazon I would have lost the rest of my sales. It’s not that many, a few copies here and there, but they keep happening.

Amazon doesn’t need brick and mortar retail, but they are creating  it all the same. They are the ten thousand pound gorilla, and right now we all need to work with them.

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