Writing Parkour

I practice Parkour. No, that isn’t me… that’s David Belle, the founder of Parkour and one of the best in the world. One thing I want to do is capture the way Parkour feels in my writing. This is currently beyond my ability. I don’t know how to describe the feeling without resorting to trite things like “It feels like flying” and that doesn’t cover it. See, it doesn’t feel like flying, but it does at the same time. It feels like learning one of the secrets of the universe, finding out what our bodies are actually for, rediscovering childhood, many other things.

If I could capture that feeling, that perfect moment when the hundreds and hundreds of attempts suddenly come together and that thing, that impossible thing, is suddenly as easy as walking.

That’s the key to Parkour. Parkour is easy. You should never do anything dangerous while doing Parkour, but because you are always working, always learning, always stretching, that thing that used to be impossible, beyond what you could imagine, suddenly becomes easy.

I can walk on railings. Really, really thin round ones. Maybe not forever, maybe not that well, but I can do it.

Now, how do I write that in a story, how do I make the reader feel that?

When I figure that out I guess I’ll be a better writer.

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