A Box of Books

My mom finally got her box of books. This is great, because now she can sell her books in person, and that’s one things she thought was important. It’s also great because she can use her books for sales meetings. She only has a few, but she can make appointments to sell to schools. The book is a textbook, available in ebook and print version. If she wants to sell it she probably needs to have physical copies.

For me that would be less true. I would be inclined to give the school an ebook. Actually, I’m a teacher at a college, and when I’m looking for textbooks most of the publishers give me ebooks these days. They will sell me print copies if I want, but they will always back them up with ebooks. In fact, a lot of schools are going with ebook versions of all their text books, so the days of the printed text book are probably numbered at this point.

This is probably not a bad thing. Print books get out of date very quickly, and the only real benefit of a textbook following the course is as a reference material. At least if it’s an ebook it doesn’t involve cutting down trees. You can just remove it from your device and it’s gone. Still, I will kind of miss having that hunk of dead tree flesh.

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