Some Old School Marketing

This isn’t actually about book marketing, but about a brilliant piece of marketing going on in the world right now.

Suicide Squad.

First, I am so excited to watch this movie. It looks like just a huge amount of fun – old fashioned violence and insanity.

I don’t have a TV, so I haven’t seen the trailers on TV or anything, but I have watched every trailer multiple times. The trailers are works of art, building anticipation and excitement with every note of the perfectly chosen music.

Lately every time I go onto youtube I see more music from the soundtrack. It’s like in the eighties and nineties when a movie could dominate the music charts, something you rarely see these days. Look, I dislike Avril Lavigne and I love her song from this soundtrack. I like Twenty One Pilots a lot, but this is one of their better songs.

The way they have been leaking information, piece by piece, the insanity of Jared Leto’s joker, the insanity of Jared Leto.

This is the best marketing I have seen for a movie. Ever.

I’m not talking about the movie itself. While I have high expectations I have no idea if it will meet them. I’m talking about the marketing efforts. The way they are playing social media, like an instrument. It’s so, so good, so beautiful to watch.

I won’t be catching the movie right away. I will be traveling through Portugal, Spain, and France when it comes out, so it’s going to have to wait a few days… but once I get back I will be watching it.

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