Proofing My Mother’s Book

Right now you can’t buy a print copy of the book I publish for my mother.

Now, I am not a publisher, not in the traditional sense. Basically I am taking a very small percentage of sales for some pretty minimal services. I went to the effort to get an ISBN, I manage the technical aspects of self publishing for her, and I use my company name as the official publisher of the book. That’s it. I have no role in the more traditional publishing duties. I don’t hire copy editors for example, or proof readers. I did act as a consultant on the subject matter, but that’s just because I’m a web dev and the book is about writing for the web.

My mother sent the book to a friend to do a review. The friend found a number of errors. Mostly typos. Now, most of those had been corrected but at some point the files going and forth with the designer got crossed and an older version made it live.

The e-book version is actually the correct file, but it’s formatted differently enough that we can’t just go with that version.

That’s one of the things that a traditional publisher is going to handle for you. They have an infrastructure that those of us who are self publishing (in our spare time) just don’t have.

On the whole I still think self-publishing is a better way to go, but it’s a lot of work.

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